New Projects

I am excited about a couple of new projects I would like to share with you.

Yoshie Fruchter -  guitar; JL – alto sax/FX; Tina Richerson – baritone sax; Michael Bates – bass; Chris Stromquist  – drums.  Rocking, punkish, eastern european tinged funk with a spaghetti western twist or two and crazy high energy exchanges.  This band is a lot of fun and I am excited to be playing original tunes with them.  Our next gig is 9:30pm  February 5th at the Branded Saloon.

Collaboration of Saxophone with effects, Aaron Bernkopf on Drums and Deejay Anthony.  For the past several months the Drummer and I have been creating a new body of material for your listening and dancing pleasure.  We don’t have anything recorded for your ears yet, but soon….

check the calendar for updates.

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